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Alicia Sylvester- Winemaker for Banshee Wines

On this weeks episode, we interview Alicia Sylvester, winemaker for Banshee Wines. Alicia has been making wines for many years and we really enjoyed this interview, her love and passion for making wine really shines through.

Winemaking really stole her heart when she obtained her first winemaking internship at Provenance Vineyards — and she hasn’t looked back since.

Inspired by travel and differing winemaking techniques from around the world, Alicia went on to work back-to-back harvests around the globe including notable regions of Australia, Italy, Argentina, and South Africa. The work didn’t stop once stateside — Alicia stayed busy with domestic harvests as well, including at Chateau Montelena where she was the second woman ever to receive the “golden shovel” award, and at Sonoma Cutrer, where she dialed in Chardonnay winemaking practices.

For more information about Banshee Wines and their wine club, check out

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