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Podcast with Pam and Electra Mustaine from House of Mustaine

In this weeks podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing Pam and Electra Mustaine from House of Mustaine. The idea for House of Mustaine was inspired by Dave Mustaine's somewhat, unusual pairing with the San Diego Symphony. As Dave debuted his first performance with the orchestra, he and his family wanted to offer both traditional MEGADETH fans and symphony patrons attending, something to share together. What better medium than wine? He and his wife, Pamela Mustaine, worked with a local winery to develop their first wine; 2013 Symphony Interrupted, Cabernet Sauvignon. The Mustaines then hand planted their first estate vineyard together in 2015 and so, the seeds were sown. Since then, they've released eight different limited edition/small batch wines of which the family business was born. We loved getting to sit down and talk with Pam and Electra. The wines from House of Mustaine are unbelievable and you the story is incredible. Please check out for more info and join their wine club while you are at it. Cheers! #podcast#podcasttshow#podcasting#podcastersofinstagram#houseofmustaine#davemustaine#electramustaine#pammustaine#rockandroll#megadeth#wine#winelovers#italianwine#italy#nashville#franklin

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