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Yes Way Rosé

Windy day equals Yes Way Rosé! We recently started a podcast and in our second episode we talked about this lovely French Rosé ❤️

Founded by two best friends Erica and Nikki in 2013 before the massive Rosé hype which later became Rosé all day 🙌🏼 These ladies were ahead of the game and they actually had a whole Rosé community online before creating @yeswayrose

These friends like most people knew zero about wine when they fell head over heels in love with Rosé. They first took their passion to social media introducing lifestyle products with their bold logo bringing a new perspective to an old school wine category.

They also hit the books and bottles 😉 becoming experts to create a line of delicious French Rosé that are easy to pronounce!

This wine goes for around $12-14 depending on where you buy it. Incredible wine for the price! Seriously pick this wine up if you see it. Thank you Erica and Nikki for creating @yeswayrose

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