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We visit Montaluce Winery and Vineyard in Dahlonega, GA

We had the pleasure of visiting @montalucewinery in Dahlonega, GA last weekend. Our friend @_malagram works for @montalucewinery and has so many job titles they seem to be growing by the day! She is truly an inspiration to others that want to achieve success in the wine industry and after seeing her in action, we understand why she is loved by her staff and is doing an incredible job there, we are so proud of her!

Mallory invited us to come down, so we recorded a future podcast episode and she told us all about @montalucewinery and the cool things happening there. @montalucewinery sits on 400 acres and is surrounded by beautiful Georgia Mountains and the best part It’s only 4 hours driving time to from Nashville, TN and is definitely worth visiting if you love incredible food, wine and stunning views.

They grow 13 varietals on the estate and we were able to try the Raspberry Demi Sec and their Petite Verdot, both were very nice and you will have to stay tuned to the future podcast to hear more!

Please check out @montalucewinery and if you want a weekend getaway if is well worth the drive and visit!


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