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The Nashville Wine Duo visit City Winery Nashville

This year has been a whirlwind for us but during the midst of hardship all over our world we continue to carry on the wine conversation! Wine has a beautiful way of bringing all people together from all ages and all walks of life. We think this year has really made people become creative in ways they otherwise never would have been, which is exactly why we wanted to visit City Winery in Nashville! City Winery Nashville is located on Lafayette St. right by the Nashville Music City Center in downtown Nashville. City Winery Nashville really offers an ideal wine drinking experience, they have delicious wine on tap. They also have an excellent food menu that we were able to enjoy while having brunch there a few weeks ago on their Skyline Patio which oversees downtown Nashville. Let us just say, it is a gorgeous space to sit back and enjoy some bomb wine and food.

One thing that really goes well with wine and food is music! If you follow us on Instagram, which if you are reading this its most likely you do, then you would know we really enjoy music on a regular basis. Which is another main reason we love City Winery Nashville! City Winery is an established music venue in Nashville, TN where artists can play an intimate show for the listeners attending. When you purchase a ticket to a show at City Winery, the night of the concert you are placed at a table where you have your own server to order food and beverages. It is an experience all around!

This relates back to the topic of getting creative during Covid, City Winery Nashville cares extremely about the health and safety of the general public and has gone through every measure to make people feel like they can still enjoy everything they have to offer while doing it in a safe way.

A big part of the experience at City Winery Nashville is the music and this year we all know the music industry has been hit hard. All concerts have been canceled, live music as we know it has completely disappeared and we love that City Winery Nashville decided to get creative and do something to help live music become a reality again and in a safe way. We were able to sit down with the General Manager Evan Fazio who told us how City Winery Nashville got creative and built an 8000 square foot festival style tented lounge called Music City Wine Garden. It is located where their valet parking used to be, now they are holding nightly concerts both ticketed and free to the public. Normally a tent of that size would hold up to 2000 people but because City Winery is taking the correct precautions to keep everyone safe that attends, they are only allowing 100 seats.

In the Music City Wine Garden, the tables are 6 feet apart and face masks are required. There is full food and beverage service for you to enjoy their award-winning wines, delicious food, specialty cocktails,

all while listening to great live music! We applaud City Winery Nashville for helping the entertainment industry get back out there again in a safe way.

While we were there, we also were able to talk extensively with the wine maker of City Winery Nashville Michelle Bell. She is a female winemaker who is doing some big things for the local wine scene. She is originally from the San Francisco bay area of California and she started out her wine career helping out at wineries and vineyards in the wine country of California, where she was able to work with some great wine makers, learn a lot and craft her wine making skills. She moved to Nashville a couple years ago and started out as the assistant wine maker at City Winery Nashville before getting the opportunity to become the head wine maker this February. Each City Winery location has their own wine maker that is creating unique wines and we love that City Winery Nashville has Michelle Bell making their delicious wine.

While touring the winery, we were able to sample a couple different Chardonnays that Michelle had fermenting right out of the vat, which tasted so good. We are excited to go back after they are all done and taste the finished project.

Overall, we are super impressed with Michelle and her wine making skills. She is a trailblazer, that is paving the way for other females to take more leadership roles in the wine industry.

Seriously, if you live in Nashville or come to visit our wonderful city, please visit City Winery! We highly recommend their food and wine selection and their staff is amazing. It would be a memorable experience for you in many ways! We highly recommend this place! Cheers!

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