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Kelsey wanted to bake some bread and eat cheese per the usual hehe, so we decided to pair the two with this delicious French wine called Maison Barboulot.

This is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah has 13% ALC/VOL. On the noise there is cherry, blackberries, and mineral along with alcohol. After our first sip of the this wine, we taste the strong tannins which are nicely balanced, along with some ripe fruit elements like plum, cherries and raspberries. Very tart in a nice way with medium acidity.

The Syrah components of this blend really stand out and make you just want to keep sipping. We loved it!

We highly recommend you try this wine, we found it at Trader Joe’s for only $6.99 and this bottle tastes like we spent $15 or more. Definitely worth the money and a try! 

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