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Kings of Prohibition - Trader Joe's $8.99

It’s Friday and we are ready for the weekend.

Also, the tiny hands are making a return. How cool is this wine bottle?

The name of this wine is Kings of Prohibition. Al Capone’s name is on the bottle and he was known for smuggling and bootlegging liquor during the prohibition era thus the name of the wine.

This Cabernet Shiraz Red Blend hails from Barossa Valley in Australia which is known for producing awesome Shiraz. This blend is 51% Cabernet Sauvignon and 49% Shiraz and is 14% ALC/VOL.

On the nose, we get dark cherry, plum and a little vanilla. Taking our first sip, we noticed how fruit forward this wine is which makes sense because it’s a Shiraz blend! The grapes in this wine have been developing in a warm climate and have had a longer time to achieve that strong fruit flavor. This wine is smooth and tasty. When people hear fruit forward they think sweet, this wine is not a sweet wine, it’s just delicious with a great balance of flavors. Also people say they are intimidated by the bottle, don’t be!! You know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover well the same goes for wine! You have to taste it.

This wine just came back in stock at Trader Joe’s and is only $8.99.

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