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Day Drinking Canned Wine - Del Rio Wine and Spirits $5.99 per can

Happy Saturday Everyone! We do enjoy some wine in a can when the feeling is right, So this morning we went on the hunt to find @daydrinkingwine and found it at our favorite local liquor store Del Rio Wine & Spirits. We have seen some of our followers drinking this wine while they were on their pontoon boats and the beach this summer and have been wanting to try it.

We bought the Watermelon Rose, Southern Peach and Rose Bubbles. These are Wine Spritzer’s and have 12% ALC/VOL. For a canned wine, that is a great percentage. We opened up the Rose Bubbles first and this is everything you would want in a canned wine. It has good flavor and is very refreshing, lots of yummy bubbles. Light but still delivers a wine taste that doesn’t leave us wine lovers disappointed.

We are always willing to try any wine and we are happy we came across @daydrinkingwine. We think this wine in a can is comparable to a good bottle of bubbly plus you do not need a cork opener, and you take it on the go, so convenient!

Definitely don’t rule out Canned Wine, there are great companies out there making some delicious wine, so don’t let the can stop you from trying it. This one is worth it!

Thanks @terradrinks for telling us you can find it at your local @publix as well.

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