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City Winery Signature Series Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s Valentine’s Day! If you are in TN and many other parts of the country you are probably stuck inside via snow and ice. We have the fire place going and decided to open up this beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon from @citywinerynsh This special bottle is apart of their signature series. @williamhorberg is the talented artist that designed the label on this awesome bottle of wine. He is a jazz musician himself and has drawn hundreds of jazz portraits as a way to remember. In his own words one of the greatest art forms ever created. He makes these portraits to remember the artists that have made such wonderful music. For every bottle that is sold in the signature series, part of the proceeds go to support the Creative Music Studio, based in Woodstock, NY 🍷 the initial series is 12 portraits. We will be hanging on to this bottle after we drink it! Which may take two days to finish because it’s a big bottle haha

This cab is crazy smooth. Easy to sip. Lots of blackberry, cherry, vanilla. Nice rounded tannins. Perfect on its own or with food. This is a delicious wine!

Totally worth the buy. We continue to be impressed by @citywinerynsh and all they have to offer. Their staff is amazing! Please take advantage of this local spot that has so much to offer.

Huge props to @fauxletta Michelle Bell the winemaker for @citywinerynsh

She is so talented and deserves all the praise for her efforts. Cheers!!

Y’all stay safe over the next few days.

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