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We have had this Pinot Noir from @breadandbutterwines sitting in our wine fridge for a few weeks and with the strawberries actually starting to look and taste really good, we thought today would be a perfect time to try this Pinot Noir and pair it with some fresh strawberries.

After opening this bottle and pouring it, the aroma coming from the glasses was so incredible, with notes of tobacco, cherries and vanilla coming out. This wine smells so good, that we just kept smelling it for a minute or two. It made the anticipation of actually tasting what we were smelling that much greater.

Upon first sip you can taste the cherries, Cocoa and coffee notes. This wine is smooth but bold at the same time. There is also a deep richness to this wine that we really enjoy.

This is a Napa, California Pinot Noir and comes in at 13.5% ALC/VOL.

We love this Pinot Noir from Bread and Butter Wines and we got it at Trader Joe’s for $13.99 but you should be able to find it anywhere. if you like a Rich, smooth yet bold Pinot Noir, take a chance on this one and let us know what you think! CHEERS!

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