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BEV Canned wine - Any local wine shop

We were introduced to @drinkbev by @giannagrondona and we are so happy she told us about it. We are drinking the California canned Rose Wine from their collection. First of all, there is no sugar and 3 carbs in each can and 11.9% ALC/VOL. We really enjoyed this wine and consider it a top contender when it comes to canned wine. This is a dry Rose with hints of strawberry and a little fizz. This is the kind of canned wine you want to be sipping this summer. We all know canned wine is on the rise and @drinkbev is helping pave the way. Last fact in this post! From their website which we support, @drinkbev is made by chicks but made for everyone. They believe real change will come when women and men work together as equals and hold each other accountable in social spaces. Go @drinkbev

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